Back-to-school Fundraisers – Simplified

As kids head back to school, parents and teachers are looking for new ways to raise money for the classroom and extracurricular activities. At Minuteman Press, we can help! Two popular ideas that are simple to create and fun to sell are recipe books and calendars. Often sponsored by a local PTA or PTSA, recipe books and calendars can be printed and bound in small or large quantities, and then marked-up to be sold at a profit.

For a simple recipe book, recipes can be collected from parents, students, teachers and school staff and be general in nature or have a specific theme (e.g., quick, healthy meals for kids). They can then be bound like a paperback book or spiral bound for easy use.

Calendars can be done in a bound format or as a poster. Featuring different images that you provide, calendars can easily be customized to include your school’s mascot, sports team photos, classroom candids and more! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Need help brainstorming the perfect idea at a price your organization can afford? Stop by or call Minuteman Press of Kent. We’ll help you choose the perfect project for your fundraiser!


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